Book Title: The Literary Editing Project

Subtitle: A Grammatical Process Addressing SSORE

Author: Garie McIntosh

Book Description: The LEP is a grammatical process-method in the form of a descriptive grammatical and linguistic checklist, which was developed by McIntoshLinguistics, that is geared towards the grammatical development of literary manuscripts. Visit The LEP webpage.

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Book Information

Book Description

The LEP in combination with MCINTOSHFORMS™ helps you analyze/review your literary manuscript through the lens of syntax and semantics, shape and readability elements. It identifies some of the most integral operatives (words, phrases, clauses and punctuation) involved in constructing a highly readable and semantically sound literary manuscript. While The LEP focuses on the editing process, it also reinforces the importance of the writer’s taking it upon himself or herself to study every nuance and aspect of English, should he or she want to be further empowered to tell stories that delve into the very psychology of its characters, milieu, and narrative devices.

The LEP is divided into three distinct sections/topics:

  1. Syntax & Semantics: Form and Function Addressing Clauses and Function Words, Morphology, and Adjectival and Adverbial Modifiers
  2. Shape: Orthography (Correct Punctuation) Addressing Hyphens, Punctuation in Grammatical Structures, i.e., Noun Phrases
  3. Readability: Compounds and Series Addressing Coordination and Parallelism, Contrast and Opposition, and Clarity


Garie McIntosh


The Literary Editing Project Copyright © by Garie McIntosh. All Rights Reserved.


The Literary Editing Project
Garie McIntosh